Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Weekend in Sohar

Thanks Ayz For arranging the Trip =D

having an extra day off 2 weeks ago, My Brother booked us 3 rooms in Crowne Plaza hotel, Sohar.

I like these trips we have with our cousins when there are only guys, and we make our own schedual and activities plan ;)

The hotel is really nice, it's new and have many facilities.

most of the time we were in the swimming pool and at the ping pong tables :P

bowling, softball and Sona were also nice to experience ;)

the only problem was that the hotel is isolated from the city, we have to drive around 40 km just to be in the center of Sohar.

it was an unforgetable, enjoyable weekend ;)

here are some pics taken there:

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To Visit My said...
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Fatma said...

ooohh yeaah it feeels real goooooooooood

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